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Networking Magic delivers a full-range of solutions to your business needs.

Computer Repair

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  • Laptop Repair
  • Malware and Virus Removal

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Computer Repair

Networking Magic provides computer repair and networking services throughout Daytona Beach from our office in Port Orange. Our Microsoft certified technicians can diagnose and repair your desktop computer or laptop. We can remove viruses, speed up your slow computer and preserve your data.

We’re trained on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Unlike most computer repair companies, we understand that you’re not running a computer lab. You need your computer fixed fast and fixed right. Our technicians will ask how you use the computer and what you do with it. That way we make sure that we’re working on the right problem and that it works when we leave. Check out our Business Applications section for a list of the many programs we work with.

Call us at 386-322-0797 to schedule an appointment for computer repair.

Apple Computer Repair

Yes, we can repair your Apple Computer. Give us a call or just bring it in. We have experience in replacing hard drives, screens, and even keyboard keys.

Computer Repair Service Options

We offer four ways to get your computer fixed. Choose the one that fits your needs and budget and give us a call to schedule an appointment.

In-shop Same great service at a smaller price
On-site House call or office call we come to you. We’ll charge for the service call but the perfect solution if you can’t or don’t want to bring it to us.
Remote Support Best for simple problems that our technician can fix remotely. Our in-shop rate and without the hassle of hauling it to us.
Block Hours If you need a few hours of our time then pre-pay and get a discount.
Call us at 386-322-0797 to schedule an appointment for computer repair.

Laptop Repair

Your laptop has become indispensible to you and when it doesn’t work your whole life stops. Whether you have a broken laptop screen or a bad power plug we can repair it. Our laptop screens come with a manufacturer’s warranty and we can usually replace your laptop screen for under $200.

We also repair bad power plugs and replace laptop hard drives. Often we can even save the data on your old hard drive. Bring your laptop in for a free estimate.

  • Dell laptop screen repair
  • Toshiba laptop screen repair
  • Sony Vaio screen repair
  • Gateway laptop screen repair
Call us at 386-322-0797 to schedule an appointment for laptop repair.

Malware and Virus Removal

We have a tool box of specialized programs to remove the toughest viruses, spyware and mal-ware form your computer. Even if your 9-year old nephew has already tried, we can usually remove viruses without losing your data. If you have any of the following symptoms then your computer is probably infected.

  • Unexpected pop-ups
  • Your search pages are being redirected
  • New icons have shown up on your desktop
  • New toolbars have shown up on Internet Explorer
  • Very slow internet speed
  • Your computer takes a long time to boot up

Call us at 386-322-0797 to schedule an appointment for removing viruses.

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